„Hard as a turtle” !!!
This statement fits perfectly with the look and feel of the watches of our next exhibitor, the Swiss manufacturer, Certina.

The company’s history begins when two brothers in the Swiss town of Grenchen opened their home workshops.
 Adolf and Alfred Kurth, because we are talking about them, started their activity in 1888 and, as in many cases at that time, initially the production was based solely on components for time measuring instruments.

Kurth Frères SA. because this is how the brand was initially called, hard work, step by step expanding its workshops and finally began to produce complete watches on which dials the name Grana appeared, which the brothers Kurth used from the abbreviation of the word Granacus, meaning the Latin name of their town Grenchen.

At the turn of the century, the brand began producing complete wristwatches, at this point it should be remembered what today may seem a surprise, these were mainly women’s watches, because men before World War I rarely wore watches on their hands, while in their jacket pockets whether waistcoats or trousers were dominated by pocket watches.
In 1939, the brand registers the name Certina from the Latin „certus”, which means reliable, reliable and secure.

Twenty years later in 1959, the DS brand’s most important rope is created.
The idea of ​​the DS or „Double Security” line was excellent shock resistance and high water resistance.
The mechanism of the DS watch was in a special rubber ring that absorbed shock in the sealed case of the watch.
The seals that served as part of the DS system also provided water resistance to a depth of 200 meters.
Like every self-respecting brand and Certina, it needed a proper logo, and in 1960 the image of the Turtle was adopted.
For a company building long-lasting, hard-wearing watches, the Turtle was supposed to be the perfect association.

At the beginning of the great quartz crisis in 1971, Certina joined General Watch Co. or Allgemeine Gesellschaft der schweizerischen Uhrenindustrie AG (ASUAG) who later becomes part of the Swatch group.
Despite decades of production and experience in the watchmaking industry, in the face of increased sales of the Japanese quartz watch, future lean years for Certina, fortunately joining ASUAG proved to be the right choice and allowed the brand to survive in difficult times.

Although she was never a giant, Certina regained its former status in the new group.
Soon she could return to developing new watches. In 1975, the company cooperated with the Rado brand, currently belonging to the Swatch Group, as did Certina.
The fruit of the cooperation of both brands was the DiaMaster line.
A special feature of DiaMaster was the scratch-resistant sapphire glass and the tungsten carbide housing, which was produced by Rado.
The idea was good enough that Rado applied this housing to his Diastar model.

Currently, the Certina brand uses high-quality materials such as titanium, 316L stainless steel and the above-mentioned sapphire glass to manufacture its watches.
The „DS Podium”, „DS First” or „DS Action” „Automatic”, „SPORT Classic”, „SPORT Elegant” and „SPORT Xtreme” collections are equipped with all these wonders and high-quality mechanisms of the Swiss ETA brand which, like Certina belongs to the Swatch Group.
These once distinguished components of the production of watches, now they are standard equipment in all Certina collections.

The 2000s brought many new partnerships with automotive companies, including Colin McRae, Sete Gibernau and with Formula One team, Sauber.
Since the beginning of 2013, Certina has become the official partner and timekeeper of the WRC series – World Rally Championships.
Certina watches have been known for precision, reliability and sportiness for over 130 years.
This brand of sports watches enjoys international recognition, which is due to the high quality of Swiss production.

Fall in love with Certina.

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