25 days before the festival, we are pleased to present the next exhibit, which is the Tissot brand.

The Tissot brand was founded in the small Swiss town of Le Locle over 165 years ago, and its founders were the father – Charles-Félicien Tissot and his son. From the beginning of its existence, partners have been looking for innovative and original solutions.

As early as 1853, Tissot realized one of his bold visions by launching the first ever pocket watch with two time zones. This, however, did not stop there. In accordance with the maxim „Innovators by Tradition” adopted in 1999, the Tissot brand presented to the world the revolutionary Tissot T-Touch model – the first watch with touch glass in the world, and six years later again as a precursor it launched the T-Touch Expert Solar model, a watch with touch glass, solar powered.

The passion for innovation, however, does not preclude attachment to tradition. The combination of stylish, traditional design, interesting inspirations, modern solutions and reliable Swiss mechanisms makes Tissot watches truly unique.
We have a rich history and an even richer offer.

Fall in love with Tissot.

We invite you to the Tissot zone and to the club room where on 28.09 at 13:35 there will be a very interesting presentation of the same brand as its latest collection.

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