Carl F. Bucherer

Today, 24 days before the start of the festival, we enter a climate based on the taste of champagne, rosemary, cinnamon, expensive perfumes, climate inspired by the land of beautiful lakes, fabulous views of the Swiss mountains, where the Bucherer brand flourished for which exquisite jewelry is the essence of creation.

In 1888, a businessman and entrepreneur named Carl-Friedrich Bucherer opened a jewelry store in Lucerne. In 1920, his sons Ernst and Carl Eduard Bucherer joined the company. Thanks to their broad watchmaking and business skills, the brand has achieved even greater success.
In 1924, Ernst Bucherer entered into a particularly successful relationship with Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of the Rolex brand.
At that time, which should be emphasized here, Rolex was a little-known watch brand.

Today it is one of the largest Swiss producers in the world, which despite the passage of years is still faithfully in close cooperation with Bucherer.
Carl F. Bucherer is one of the last watchmaking factories that are still run by the founding family.

The Carl F. Bucherer brand is deeply rooted in the cosmopolitan climate of Lucerne, the spirit of both the city and the Swiss canton.
Advertising slogan „Made of Lucerne”
perfectly captures the class of the brand, which represents the highest Swiss watchmaking skill in noble design and groundbreaking technological innovation.

Fall in love with the climate of the Bucherer brand.

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