Interview Citizen Michal Goralski

Michał Góralski and #CITIZEN at the 3rd edition of the „It’s All About Watches” Festival – Watches in Space.

During the 3rd edition of the International Clock and Watch Festival „It’s All About Watches” – Watches in Space, we had the pleasure to talk with Mr. Michał Góralski, representative of the CITIZEN brand distributor in Poland.

#CITIZEN drives the world of watches based on the philosophy of constant pursuit of perfection, deeply rooted in Japanese tradition. The name itself, CITIZEN, expresses faith in creating watches that citizens of the world will love.

#CITIZEN is not only a producer of timepieces with highly advanced technology, but a company that successfully takes on technological challenges to constantly provide the world with something better. Thanks to this, CITIZEN designs watches that fit into the lives of all people, regardless of what they do.

Original #CITIZEN watch technologies come from the same source: breakthrough technology research that takes into account the real needs of ordinary people: Super Titanium ™, Radio Controlled, Satellite Wave and the Eco-Drive module celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.