Interview Gen. Miroslaw Hermaszewski Sturmanskie

General Mirosław Hermaszewski and the Sturmanskie brand at the 3rd edition of the „It’s all about watches” Festival – watches in space.

During the 3rd edition of the International Festival of Clocks and Watches „It’s All About Watches” – Watches in space, pleasure to talk to General Mirosław Hermaszewski. In September 2019, the premiere of the #STURMANSKIE watch devoted to the first and only Pole in space took place.

Limited edition of „Mirosław Hermaszewski” – The first Pole in space.

The Sturmanskie NE86-1855017H watch is a watch that was created to honor a unique character and a unique event – Mirosław Hermaszewski and his fate into space. On the comparative dial of military pilots, while on the lid – 3D engraving with the function of a Polish astronaut.

This is an extremely functional men’s watch, you should work based on the Seiko automatic mechanism, cal. NE86. Made of stainless steel, a silver envelope hung on a brown leather strap that provides convenience and incredible comfort. The beige dial, based on additional chronograph sub-dials, was covered with a sapphire crystal.

The watch is available in a limited edition, which amounts to 190 pieces – the same as hours of durability into space of the general Mirosław Hermaszewski – official website []

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