Interview Tryb

Anna and Witold Chudzik at the 3rd edition of the „It’s All About Watches” Festival – Watches in Space.

During the 3rd edition of the International Clock and Watch Festival „It’s All About Watches” – Watches in Space, we had the pleasure to talk with Mr. Witold Chudzik, the owner of the Tryb company

MODE about themselves: „Some say about us that we are wizards, because we harmoniously combine several professions: watchmaker, because we can make a watch, goldsmith and jeweler, because we create sophisticated jewelry, which we artfully frame in precious metals, we use stones and pearls and the artist – we sculpt and create our own works of art, which are part of the jewelry. What’s more: all these skills – watchmaking, goldsmithing and artistic – we can seamlessly combine with the gifts of nature. In our works there are natural leaves embedded in resin, flowers, bark , thanks to which we gently brush the original sensitivity of the recipients of our works, sensitive to the beauty of nature. „

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