Interview – Piotr Szczesniak Vintage – Swiss Watches

Piotr Szcześniak and „Vintage – Swiss watches” at the third edition of the „It’s All About Watches” Festival – Watches in Space.

During the 3rd edition of the International Festival of Watches and Watches „It’s All About Watches” – Watches in Space, we had the pleasure to talk with Mr. Piotr Szcześniak, the founder of Vintage – Swiss watches.

Vintage – Swiss Watches are the official partner of the Association for the Promotion and Development of Watchmaking and the organizers of the festival „It’s All About Watches”. The website and the group are run by Piotr Szcześniak – a passionate enthusiast, classic watchmaker and collector of vintage watches. Watch articles about the watch are published almost every day, complemented with photos from Piotr’s private collection. We will find there interesting facts about mechanisms, watch models and watchmaking history.