We are very pleased to present our next exhibitor at the 4th International Festival „It’s All About Watches”.

It is the Swiss brand Oris, which has been producing unique, and exclusively, mechanical watches for over 100 years.The characteristic, recognizable design symbol of the brand is the red rotor.

Oris watches are worn by both show business and sports stars.The brand is a partner of the Formula 1 Williams Team, in whose colors Robert Kubica started. In its collection, Oris also has models dedicated to pilots and divers, the full range of Oris watches will surely satisfy a wide range of professionals.The Oris brand appreciates the art of watchmaking, which it cultivates according to the principles that have existed for generations.

A long history and heritage oblige the brand to maintain a high level of production in addition to being a source of interesting innovative designs created in such a way as to ensure the joy of using them and to serve reliably for many years. The company’s watches are often equipped with interesting complications that meet customer expectations.

Famous brand models include:
1.Big Crown – Introduced in 1938.
2. 8-Day-Clock – introduced in 1949
3.Chronoris- production start date 1970
4. Oris Worldtimer- 1997

We invite you to the Oris virtual stand, you can find the entrance to our virtual Festival on our website

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