Blonie at Watch Festival 2021

We are very pleased to introduce another exhibitor: Błonie.

This brand is a continuation of the Polish watchmaking tradition initiated by the Zakłady Mechaniczno-Precyzyj Błonie (Błonie Mechanical and Precision Works) in the 1960s. ZMP Błonie is historically the only Polish factory in which wristwatches were mass-produced from their in-house parts, i.e. those made on site in Błonie, near Warsaw.

Currently, Błonie offers three collections. Classic Błonie – for all lovers of old-time design. Both those who remember that era, but also those who simply want to add elegance and class to their style. Błonie Limited – a choice for those who value uniqueness and exclusivity. Błonie Rzemieślnicze – for connoisseurs of handicraft looking for unique watches made according to individual specifications.