Frederique Constant at the V Watch Festival

Frederique Constant is a Swiss watchmaker based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Frederique Constant creates, develops, assembles and controls a wide variety of mechanical and quartz watches. Frederique Constant has designed 30 custom mechanisms, including complications such as Tourbillon, Perpetual Calendar, Flyback Chronograph and Monolithic – a new and unprecedented silicon oscillator that operates at 288,000 vibrations per hour (40 Hz).

In 2015, Frederique Constant launched the Horological Smartwatch, the first Swiss smartwatch with a traditional design. 2020 saw the unveiling of the Vitality smartwatch, equipped with a new heart rate sensor. In the same year, Frederique Constant revived the Highlife collection from 1999 with a new design: discreet and minimalist. This year heralded the release of the Slimline Monolithic Manufacture and the Women’s Highlife Collection.

You are cordially invited to the Frederique Constant stand at the 5th It’s All About Watches.

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