Meccaniche Veneziane at the V International Watch Festival

It’s time to present another premium exhibitor – the Italian brand Meccaniche Veneziane.

Meccaniche Veneziane is a young brand that has been on the market since 2017. However, it does not lack ambition in the production of timeless watches. Italians are the precursors in the production of models with bold designs, classic finishes and the latest technology. Meccaniche Veneziane watches contain no electronic components, only mechanical parts. As a result, they are not subject to technological obsolescence, unlike quartz watches or smartwatches. Meccaniche Veneziane is a perfect example of the combination of Swiss precision and Italian design. The company produces watches with Swiss movements that are designed in Italy. Thanks to this, the watches of this brand are distinguished by innovation and attention to detail, which creates exclusive watches.

We cordially invite you to the brand’s stand on September 25 and 26 during the 5th edition of the It’s All About Watches festival.

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