„As it usually happens, in the beginning, an idea arose to create an organization to support and promote watchmaking in craft form and to support the re-establishment of formal education in watchmaking.

An entry in the National Court Register, under the number 0000693567, brought to life and formally established The Association for the Promotion and Development of Watchmaking, with Łukasz Mastalerz as its president.

The Association for the Promotion and Development of Watchmaking, meeting the expectations of the watchmakers, collectors, and enthusiasts, wants to draw attention to the current state of Polish watchmaking.

We want to draw special attention to what remains of the once well-prospering industrial plants manufacturing clocks, watches and precision mechanisms in Poland.

With great commitment we try to recover lost technical documentation, and we also try to find and recover tools and machines which have been sold off.

We place great emphasis on the Association’s activities that aim to restore professional education and training in the watchmaker profession.

We understand the necessity of building a system of educating young people and selecting and
preparing the teaching staff in the contemporary teaching conditions of this profession.

We establish and maintain contacts with watchmakers who have contributed to the development of Polish watchmaking, to support our statutory goals.

One of these goals is to present the watchmaking profession to a generation of young people.

Watchmaking is a unique and very special profession if we consider the area of ​​knowledge and the skills that are contained within it.

The board of the Association, in order to fulfill the interest in clocks, watches and watchmaking, invites you to participate.

In connection with the above, the Association undertook to organize the international festival of watches and clocks “It’s All About Watches”.